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Star Trek Reboot


Riverside (Dec '10) Complete
[NC-17, Pre-Slash, Friendship, First Time, Angst, Fluff] [39,400 words] The Enterprise is docked at Earth Station McKinley for repairs and upgrades over the holiday season. Jim invites his friend Spock to join him at his family home in Iowa, where he presumes the house to be empty, but his mother unexpectedly shows up. Things have never been easy between Jim and his mother, and now Spock is caught in the middle of a family rift. How will he ease the tension between his friend, for whom his feelings run deeper than he has let on, and Winona Kirk?

A Second Chance (Sep '10) Complete
[NC-17, First Time, Angst, Accidental Bonding] [44,900 words] An incident during a shore leave gone disastrous leaves Spock with a link he never expected with his captain—a bond he needs but which he suspects Jim never wanted. The consequences of how he deals with that ‘belief’ change everything for them.


Queer as Folk US


Rule of the Jungle (Aug '08 - now) WIP
[Post-513, Fluff, R] [20,471 words] Justin thinks he knows Brian. But there are some things which can still surprise him to no end.

Psycho Fic (Nov '06 - Nov '07) Complete
[Post-513, Angst, Drama, Action, Thriller, Mystery, H/c, Violence, NC-17, OC] [134,310 words] A happy, harmless vacation turns into a nightmare when Brian and Justin are faced with a murderous psycho who's out to get them and their loved ones.

Layers (Aug '07) Complete
[Post-513, Angst, R] [3,405 words] Ted Schmidt deciphers the phenomenon that is Brian Kinney. Ted's narrative, with a focus on Brian.

Switch (Jul '07) Complete
[Post-513, NC-17, Kink, Bondage, Romance] [8,161 words] Justin learns to communicate with Brian on a new level.

Blank Canvas (Apr '06) Complete
[Post-513, NC-17, Angst, Romance] [19,930 words] Justin knows Brian loves him, knows the gift he's been given. But does he know Brian? There are things in their lives that bind them together forever. Through thick and thin, and love and pain.

Trivial Pursuit (Dec '05) Complete
[Post-513, NC-17, Angst, Romance] [13,653 words] A chronicling of events that take place during three years of Brian and Justin’s lives after Justin moves to New York.

The Question (Sep '05) Complete
[Season 3, AU, R] [4,745 words] Mel and Lindz ask Justin for a favor. Can he oblige?

Five Days (May '05) Complete
[Post-513, Romance, NC-17] [14,465 words] Justin is away and Brian’s life has turned surreal.


Star Trek Voyager


Absolute Power (Jul '04) Complete
[AU, Violence, NC-17, H/c, Angst] [76,636 words] Voyager's encounter with an intergalactic superpower results in calamitous events that change everything for the intrepid crew.

A Slice of Diversion (Jul '03) Complete
[AU-ish, PG-13] [5,492 words] Set after the episode Thirty Days. Chakotay visits Tom in the brig.

Delusional (Dec '02) Complete
[PWP-ish, NC-17] [4,730 words] Tom has a revelation about the captain and the commander.

The Dark Tunnel (Dec '01) Complete
[AU, Violence, Non-consensual sex, NC-17, H/c, Angst] [51,597 words] What if things had happened differently on the Ocampa staircase during the attempt to rescue Chakotay? Set in the Caretaker/Voyager's early season 1 era.

The Fire Series (Feb '01 - May '01) Complete
[NC-17, Angst] [58,264 words] A late night Observation Lounge "encounter" between Tom and Chakotay brings drastic changes to the men's lives.

Chaos (Nov '00) Complete
[PG-13, H/c] [1,827 words] Chakotay is trapped, and someone is trying to help him fight death. But does he really want to be rescued?



Research (Oct '04) Complete
[Drabble, Humor] [100 words] Seven conducts research of a personal kind, as the commander intervenes.

Fear (Sep '04) Complete
[Drabble, Angst] [100 words] Set during Endgame. Seven overcomes an inefficient emotion.

Wrong Impressions (Jul '04) Complete
[NC-17, Post Endgame satire] [9,511 words] After returning to Earth, Seven meets Kathryn for an evening drink, and has a surprise waiting for her.

Monkey Business (Nov '02) Complete
[PG-13, Humor] [5,263 words] An event on an away mission reminds Chakotay of a conversation he once had with a well-wisher.

Memory (Jul '02) Complete
[Angst, PG-13] [23,267 words] Set after season 4's UNFORGETTABLE. What if the Rumaran virus meant to erase Kellin's memories from every mind on Voyager wasn't as effective as we'd thought at first?



Entangled (Jul '03) Complete
[AU, Threesome, NC-17, Angst] [26,238 words] Seven and Tom accept a challenge to prove their friends wrong about Chakotay. But soon, they find themselves facing consequences they hadn't quite anticipated.


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