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OK, before I post the prologue of my NANO 2008 story, let me give you a little background on this.

This story is based on an idea which was initially supposed to be a one-off fluffy fic. Like I said before, for NANO, I was supposed to do the gritty, angsty one, which had a much more elaborate plotline. But because my darling Gale is on hiatus because of his accident, my angst muse went on hiatus too. As a result, I decided to expand my fluff plot into 50,000 words. Now, I still don't know how I will accomplish that. I have some idea where I'll take my boys in this fic. The rest I'm going to figure out along the way. All I know is that I needed a plot which was absolutely angst-free, silly and harmless. Unfortunately, this also means that the story will most probably turn out to be.... pointless. :D

But I guess, that's exactly the point of doing this exercise --- at least for the mood I'm in right now. The story might totally be crap, but this is sort of my therapy for the 2 weeks I've had.

So I'm letting you guys know before hand. The story will probably suck big time. But it's Brian and Justin. It's post-513 fluff. And no one gets hurt.

You're duly warned. :)
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[cross-posted in gist at [ profile] ayesakara]

I know it's been a while since I last posted on this journal. I hope you guys are still around. ;) RL has been crazy lately. But let me assure you that I'd been planning to do NANO this year for a while now. I just hadn't had a chance to announce it here.

Then middle of October, as we all know, Gale got hurt and that sort of pushed me totally out of the writing mode. I had to wait till we got good news on his front before deciding whether I'd be able to do NANO after all. All my B/J, Brian and QAF love is tied up with my Gale love. He is the reason I fell for Brian in the first place. And since Brian is the reason I fell for B/J, and B/J is the reason I fell for QAF, so in a way, it's all connected.

Now that we've had several days of good, hopeful news about Gale's recovery lately, my muse has come out of hiding once more. I believe he's going to recover fully, thanks to God, and believing that makes me feel relieved enough to want to celebrate this good news with a new fic.

My plan originally was to do a gritty, angsty, painful Brian-in-a-well fic which had been brewing in my head for almost a year. Obviously, Gale's accident has totally taken me out of that "give Brian as much pain as you can" mode for the moment. I can't do that to my woobie anymore. Or to Justin either whom I love very much too. Maybe next year, when Gale will have gotten all better and will be gracing our screens and looking healthy and gorgeous once more, I will think about maybe testing the limits of my favorite characters again. ;)

So, I've decided. I'm gonna do the most unassumingly, unbelievably, categorically fluffiest NANO fic ever. And when I say "fluffy", I mean "fluffy". It'll be absolutely silly. No one will get hurt in it. There will be no angst whatsoever (which can be hard sometimes, since I'm an angst-whore before anything else but I'll try). Brian will be... Brian but with a twist. Justin will be in for a series of fluffy little surprises. ;)

I might not post everyday but I do think I'll post every time I finish a chapter, and I vow to finish 50,000 words by the end of the month. It's been a while since I've written anything, so...

Wish me luck. :)
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Hey guys,

So I'm in a little bind. You see, when I was nearing the end of Psycho Fic, I realized that I wanted my next story to be something lighthearted and fluffy. Something relaxing and easy to take. Something that would be a change of pace and scenery from the grueling drama I seemed to be stuck on when working on my last mammoth.

With that in mind, I signed up for the new [ profile] qaf_challenges thing.

And guess what? I currently have two plots germinating in my brain and neither of them are of the fluffy kind. One is an idea for a giddily painful and angsty thing that could very well work for the H/c challenge, and the other is a totally out of this world idea --and I mean, literally-- that could be adopted for the Second Chances thing. *sighs*

So it's obvious that I'm not a fluffy kinda writer. Or at least not the kind who can come up with those kinda plotlines easily.

Hence I'm here with a request. If anyone has a fluffy, non-angsty plot bunny they wanna throw my way, please feel free. I'll probably still end up doing the angsty one for [ profile] qaf_challenges but I just wanted to do something a little different before jumping onto another dramatic plotline. So yeah, my plan is to do something lighthearted (which currently I have no clue for) before doing the story for the challenge.

So any takers? Come on, there must be some fluffy little bunnies lurking in their somewhere! Help me out, people. :D


Your fellow devoted B/Jer :)
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Thought it was time to switch from the old, boring, bland theme on [ profile] laylafic to something new, fresh and more vibrant. So here it is. ;)

Also, thanks to everyone who's sent feedback on the last chapter of Psycho Fic. I'll reply to individual comments as soon as I can. I've had some people ask me if the entire fic could be made available in one Word doc. To answer them, I'd say... yes, that's definitely in the plans. After Psycho fic has been betaed, I'll upload it in one file and anyone who wants to read it or keep it all together, they can have access to that. The timeline for that is sometime after November, when my designated beta, who's also doing Nano this year, will become available.

Another question was... if I could link to the first chapter, or the previous chapters... to guide those who want to read this fic in its entirety *now*. So for them, I've put all the chapters in memories and the link to them is here.

Thank you. :)
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Entry word count: 1983

For Story Notes, click here.

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Entry word count: 5813

For Story Notes, click here.

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Entry word count: 5681

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**~~NANOWRIMO STORY FINALE, part iii~~**

Entry word count: 6225

For Story Notes, click here.

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Entry word count: 7696

For Story Notes, click here.

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Entry word count: 5410

For Story Notes, click here.

First a note about this chapter: I'd intended to post this chapter the way I'd visualized it, i.e. in 3 main parts. But the sections got too big for LJ so I had to break them into smaller sections. Hence, there are 5 parts instead of 3. Just to avoid any confusion, please note that the main parts are still sectioned inside the cuts as originally written. That's all.

Next a summary of the last chapter posted: Previously on Nanowrimo Story Chapter 17: Justin feels safer when Brian returns from the hospital. A link between Henry's missing wife and Lisa Marie Payne is discovered. Brian hires a detective and secrets his loved ones have been keeping from him are promptly revealed. The police find a link between an old house outside Pittsburgh and Henry. And someone is keeping an eye on the House.

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...but Psycho Fic is finally complete. :D

The last chapter crossed 30,000 words. After it's proofed, it'll be posted in 3 parts + an epilogue, tomorrow.

It feels like such a relief to complete this behemoth. I'll talk more about it once I've posted it, but this has been a truly exhilirating and wonderful ride over the last one year. Most people don't take so long to complete one story, but I'm not most people, I guess. ;) Still, it's been a very entertaining and a truly learning experience for me, and I've enjoyed it very much.

And don't laugh, but I've also finally started the Nano-fic for this year's Nanowrimo. I don't have much time left but I'll try my best to cross 50,000 words by the end of Nov 30. If I succeed, cool, if I don't... then at least you'll get another fic from me sometime in the future. I'll try my best in any case.

But I swear, I'm never doing another WIP again. They're way too much stress, man. For the writer as well as the readers. From now on, it's only posting completed stories for me. *nods*

See yah!

crossposted to [ profile] ayesakara!
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Here's the deal...

I will not be posting this year's NANOWRIMO fic as I write it every day. That plan barely worked for the first half of November last year and during the second half, I only posted sporadically until it was the end of the month and I was racing to cross the 50,000 mark till 11:15pm on the last day.

So this year, I plan to write without posting the story everyday and to keep working on it and to finally whip it into shape by Nov 30, 2007 to be able to post in this journal.

And yes, I'm gonna complete this one in 50,000 words. :)

In the meanwhile, the last chapter of PSYCHO FIC will be posted over this weekend. Keep watching this space. :D

And thanks for hanging out with me!
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So I signed up for NANOWRIMO this year too. Which means, starting from Nov 1, 2007, I'll be writing a brand new QAF and B/J story. I intend to finish this one in 50,000 words.

Which also means, that within the month of Oct 2007, I'll finish and post the last chapter of last year's on-going NANO fic. Yeah, meaning THIS month, you'll see the finale of the ongoing saga of B/J and the gang and Henry Stanford Jr. Buh-bye, Psycho Fic!!!

Better get back to writing, then. ;)

See yah!
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Title: Layers
Author: Layla V
Timeline: All seasons, and post-513.
Rating: R
Written for: [ profile] qaf_challenges's Icon Challenge with a Twist
Summary: Ted Schmidt deciphers the phenomenon that is Brian Kinney.
Warnings: Ted's narrative, with a focus on Brian, but B/J stays intact.

Read 'Layers 1/1' )
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Title: Switch 1/1
Author: Layla V
Timeline: Post Season 5
Rating: NC-17
Written for: [ profile] sev_4_blogathon in July 2007. This is the cleaned up version.
Warnings: kink
Genre: romance
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] severina2001! I'm not particularly a porny type of writer and I'm especially not a PWP fan. But this was a fantasy scene that had been playing inside my head for well over a year. It was time to put it down on the screen.
Summary: Justin learns to communicate with Brian on a new level.

Read 'Switch 1/1' )
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Since I can't deny [ profile] severina2001 anything (she was the one who pushed me to do Nano after all), when she called for a fic from me especially written for her blogathon this year, I couldn't tell her no. I love her that much. ;)

So check out her blogathon lj at [ profile] sev_4_blogathon and read the porn. For those who only know me as [ profile] laylafic, it's posted under my regular lj name: [ profile] ayesakara.

The story is named "Switch", because I suck at titles (those who're following psycho fic should be familiar with that) and that was the only name that came to me at 2:30 last night when I finished and emailed it to her.

This fic idea was something I'd wanted to do for over a year now, but I was always too lazy to go for it. Being the world's worst porn writer, I just don't have the patience to write out the action because I always, ALWAYS wanna get inside the scene myself and do those things to Brian with my own hands. And lips and tongue and teeth. :D

In any case, please ignore any blatant typos or grammatical errors. It's not betaed yet. I'll post a cleaned version of this story on this lj in a few days when I've gotten the green light from Vicki. And check out the rest of her amazing blogathon stuff. She rocks!

See yah!
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Dunno what happened to my computer but for the last week or so, it's not been able to run in normal mode. I can only run it in safe mode with networking but everything looks wonky and I can't play music or videos or anything like that. I know I need to get it fixed soon before it completely konks out. I can still, however, run Word and I'm still writing. So just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still around. In fact, I have signed up for a couple other challenges (all B/J of course), so you'll be seeing more fic from me later this month.

But Psycho fic is still alive and kicking, and I'm working on its conclusion. I noticed I got a few new readers, so just wanted everyone to know I haven't forgotten about it.

Thank you all for your patience.

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Just thought I'd let you guys know this so that you don't start panicking!

My muse is alive and kicking! I have a mental deadline to finish this thing, but I won't tell you what that is. :D But I'm writing, and that's what matters the most! Right?

See you guys soon!

I'm alive!

May. 7th, 2007 08:28 pm
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Just want to let you guys know, I'm still around, even if there hasn't been an update in a while. I was down with the fever a week or so back and I'm still sort of recovering. And its hotter than an oven here, which hasn't been very inspiring for the writing either.

But I'm around, and I'm working on the new chapter, and I'll be back soon with more writing.

Stay cool, guys! :)
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I remember the time when reaching 50,000 words was looking to be a daunting task. Now this behemoth has crossed 100,000 but thankfully, I won't say the end is nowhere in sight. Because from here, I can see the end verrrrry close. Just one more chap to go. YAY!

I just wanted to thank all of you who've hung around for this monster. Thank you for reading and enjoying this crazy ride.

See ya soon!
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