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I know it's been a while since I last posted on this journal. I hope you guys are still around. ;) RL has been crazy lately. But let me assure you that I'd been planning to do NANO this year for a while now. I just hadn't had a chance to announce it here.

Then middle of October, as we all know, Gale got hurt and that sort of pushed me totally out of the writing mode. I had to wait till we got good news on his front before deciding whether I'd be able to do NANO after all. All my B/J, Brian and QAF love is tied up with my Gale love. He is the reason I fell for Brian in the first place. And since Brian is the reason I fell for B/J, and B/J is the reason I fell for QAF, so in a way, it's all connected.

Now that we've had several days of good, hopeful news about Gale's recovery lately, my muse has come out of hiding once more. I believe he's going to recover fully, thanks to God, and believing that makes me feel relieved enough to want to celebrate this good news with a new fic.

My plan originally was to do a gritty, angsty, painful Brian-in-a-well fic which had been brewing in my head for almost a year. Obviously, Gale's accident has totally taken me out of that "give Brian as much pain as you can" mode for the moment. I can't do that to my woobie anymore. Or to Justin either whom I love very much too. Maybe next year, when Gale will have gotten all better and will be gracing our screens and looking healthy and gorgeous once more, I will think about maybe testing the limits of my favorite characters again. ;)

So, I've decided. I'm gonna do the most unassumingly, unbelievably, categorically fluffiest NANO fic ever. And when I say "fluffy", I mean "fluffy". It'll be absolutely silly. No one will get hurt in it. There will be no angst whatsoever (which can be hard sometimes, since I'm an angst-whore before anything else but I'll try). Brian will be... Brian but with a twist. Justin will be in for a series of fluffy little surprises. ;)

I might not post everyday but I do think I'll post every time I finish a chapter, and I vow to finish 50,000 words by the end of the month. It's been a while since I've written anything, so...

Wish me luck. :)


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