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Since I can't deny [ profile] severina2001 anything (she was the one who pushed me to do Nano after all), when she called for a fic from me especially written for her blogathon this year, I couldn't tell her no. I love her that much. ;)

So check out her blogathon lj at [ profile] sev_4_blogathon and read the porn. For those who only know me as [ profile] laylafic, it's posted under my regular lj name: [ profile] ayesakara.

The story is named "Switch", because I suck at titles (those who're following psycho fic should be familiar with that) and that was the only name that came to me at 2:30 last night when I finished and emailed it to her.

This fic idea was something I'd wanted to do for over a year now, but I was always too lazy to go for it. Being the world's worst porn writer, I just don't have the patience to write out the action because I always, ALWAYS wanna get inside the scene myself and do those things to Brian with my own hands. And lips and tongue and teeth. :D

In any case, please ignore any blatant typos or grammatical errors. It's not betaed yet. I'll post a cleaned version of this story on this lj in a few days when I've gotten the green light from Vicki. And check out the rest of her amazing blogathon stuff. She rocks!

See yah!


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